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What is American foulbrood?
American foulbrood (AFB) is a highly infectious brood disease, caused by the the bacterium Paenibacillus larvae. This bacterium develops in young larvae of the honey bee, causing their premature death. Adult bees are not harmed by the bacterium. Infected larvae can be detected and removed by the workers. If the infestation level increases, however, colonies can be damaged. The bacterium forms spores, which are resistant to a wide variety of environmental conditions for a long period of time. In this form the disease gets transmitted to other colonies. The most urgent measure during an outbreak is therefore the removal and destruction of infected brood, as well as the disinfection of all potentially contaminated objects (hives, equipment). In extreme cases, the colonies must be destroyed.
How do I recognise American foulbrood?
In this section you can find a short description of the visible symptoms of American foulbrood. Please note that for a reliable diagnosis of American foulbrood laboratory analyses are required.
I spotted American foulbrood in my apiary - what shall I do?
In this section you finde the actual guidelines for the control of American foulbrood. In the case of a suspected outbreak of American foulbrood, the competent administrative authorities (official veterinarian) must be immediately informed.
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